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Art by Chantal Madeline

Two sides of grief, Giclee print on fine art paper, Grief series print from original artwork

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TITLE: Two Sides of Grief

DESCRIPTION: On one side you appear to the outside world like everything is OK. You are strong. On the inside you are falling apart. Drowning in the grief. You need to feel that grief to heal. But sometimes you need to put it aside to survive.

This is a Fine Art Giclee Print on Beautiful Fine Art Paper. Unframed.

Each print is “made to order” and produced on a large format professional printer.

Printed as ordered, shipping may take 2-3 weeks

**In an effort to offer a variety of standard sizes, some of the ratios are cropped and vary slightly from the listing photo.

 **Please keep in mind that delivery standards are an estimate not a guarantee. I am not responsible for any delivery delays. When ordering, please allow a sufficient amount of time for your order to arrive to you on time.