From your childhood home, to your first and 100th furry friend, to a late beloved family member, creating a portrait elevates the memory for your family to cherish forever.


Chantal Madeline

realist artist| tea lover| cat enthusiast

Chantal Madeline is a full time realist artist living in a small town just outside of London, On.  She creates custom pieces for clients worldwide. Creating visually stunning and realistic portraits from photos with the use of graphite or a mix of coloured pencil and watercolour.

I’ve loved drawing and painting ever since I was a child. I studied as many art subjects as possible in school, and experimented with different mediums but I always went back to my love for portraiture in graphite.


More recently I’ve discovered my love of pet portraits in colour using a mix of pencil crayon and watercolour.


When I am not at my desk creating you can find me snuggled up with one of my cats and a good book, going for scenic walks with my husband or baking delicious allergy free treats!

"We are absolutely in love with your gorgeous drawing. How you captured every feature is amazing. You have a beautiful talent and I'm so glad that this face helped you through such a difficult time. We cannot wait to frame our picture and have it on the wallof all to see. Thank you again!!! this is just purrfect!!!"

- Sally M

I feel so lucky to spend each day doing what I love and creating beautiful memories for clients.


-Cat Mom of Three

-True Crime Podcast Listener

-Avid Mug Collector

-Lover of DIY Projects and Home Decor


"I was and still am beyond words to express how this picture of Poppy makes me feel. I cried when Harv gave it to me because you made her look so real. She is missed more than I could ever say but thanks to you and the fabulous work you do, I feel like she is always here. Thank you so much!"

-Judy S.


Enrolled in the Beal art program at H.B.Beal Secondary school

Studied visual and creative arts at Sheridan College


Designed the book cover of “The trojan horse of leadership” for the author Jon Korkidakis in 2014

Winner of the Dr.Mary Wright prize for my portrait of “Nikita” in 2021

My art piece “Rising” was selected to be displayed at the Art Comp at 100 Kellogg Lane in 2022

Won the bronze award at the Camelback gallery for my portrait of “Nikita” in 2022